How To Select The Appropriate Mattresses For Family

Along with economic growth, living standards of residents is higher accompanied by demand for convenience, in the comfortable living and rest. As a result, the bedroom furniture industry is growing. Nowadays it seems everyone to use the mattresses toppers to sleep whatever space, with such living conditions are. People are cared more for sleep so comfortable to reclaim, reinvent, energy and more is to create a luxurious living space in line with the actual development of housing and modern amenities.

However, people who buy and use the mattress do not seem to understand some basic problems when sleeping with mattresses, these categories and trends and improvements, if any occur on each line of mattresses, we seem to get lost in the world of consumer goods through the brand, type of mattress, materials, textures, styles and patterns, along with all the advertisement with wings that do not understand the basis for a position, consider when buying.

This article will give the background of the mattress and try to provide a way to authenticate the basic understanding of the mattress, of course, it can not convey all the technical analysis as the deeply inconsistent, which leads to the majority of the readers with the confusing feeling. Hope to condense the necessary level of knowledge to our stance, consider when buying our mattresses.

  • The Basic Problem With Sleeping Mattresses

  • Principle of sleeping mattresses

Sleeping mattress products are produced to replace the mat when covering on a hard flat surface (bed, floor, couch …) to sleep, moreover, it will fix some problems:

  • Create backrest surface lie an elastic, which is smoother and softer compared with the mat because its thickness is limited.
  • Create aesthetic, elegance when placed on the bed or the couch. In case if the background is high due to limited direct contact soil, please avoid soil vapor escaping, avoid insects affecting the

So, there must be some bed mattress following attributes: height, needed thickness, elasticity, smoothness than the mat,  visual aesthetics and respect for the luxury bedroom space.

  • Structural And Links

Any mattress, no matter what the category is,  we can also divide their structure as follows:

  • Structural mattress

The block gut mattress (frame and spring system linked to the main frame of the intestine block mattress): This is a fundamental factor to determine the height, and the thickness of the mattress.

The lining mostly effects of covering to create softness if needed

Such elasticity, softness of the mattress core strength have a strong influence deciding from the gut longer block softness, smoothness and aesthetic level, which is between the lining and the mattress cover. Once analysis is done, when buying mattress we already have the basic knowledge to consider.

  • Links Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Block

As stated, the durability, elasticity, soft hard, high and low feature are decided by the  intestinal block mattress, so we dive to see why it decides.

In addition to intestinal material constituting mattress,  we also have to understand the type of link. There are 2 types of links including homogeneous mass and heterogeneous mass.

Links homogeneous blocks: On a basic principle, it is more sustainable link. The line links mattresses with solid homogeneous block includes intestines wedge rubber, synthetic rubber, Mousse, PE plate and PE textured yarn, coir, grass.

However, in terms of elasticity, the elasticity of the spring just behind natural rubber springs if it is made by oil and thermal technologies use carbon steel may be appropriate, but in terms of overall elasticity, texture firm mattress gut … it depends on many other factors, and it involves improvements to limit the downside of the mattress will be presented in the next section .

  • Material

Material used for mattresses exist in two lines:

  • Natural material: it is the raw material of natural origin, such as rubber, coconut, grass, cotton woven fabric for 100% cotton, wool, or silk yarn. Of course, these ingredients are more or less processed through industrial and chemical use, certain additives, but the essence still remains the natural origin.
  • Industrial material: Most of the materials come from petrochemical origin, which is synthesized through industrial processing (Poly format) or renewable or reused.

Actually and basically, overall there are very few cases we use a mattress with the entirely natural origin, but these products should be close to natural materials to become more friendly and satisfactory, freeer to use.

  • The Elastic And Smooth, Hard And Soft

For users of mattresses, we need to distinguish the resilient, hard or soft, soft and smooth. The elastic reflects the phenomenon of the elongation or compression whether it can return to its original state or not through the time.

And in terms of soft or hard,  it is about the compression bearing capacity, it is too hard or too soft with the same compression force. All that is indicated for the guts of a mattress.

Usually with mattresses, cotton lining is used as molding, ceramic cotton, or mousse, the mellow depends on fiber density, or the proportion of materials, structural liner, altitude and surface lining…

For some types of mattresses, even it is not necessary to use the original because the intestinal lining of mattresses has the elastic and necessary smoothness that is the natural latex and synthetic rubber.

  • These Enhancements And Effects

It is found that when using these types of mattresses today, it has been improved from the original when the beginners know how to create mattress to sleep for quieter compared to other types of old sheets. But, to understand the improvements revolve around something, then we will see the effect and even affect the cost and sell price of the product.

The improved focus and turn around on addressing weaknesses of the types of links; use of new materials, new structures or use both solutions, mainly to overcome existing weaknesses such as heat, not transpiration, not open due to poor air exchange, remedy noise emitted by rubbing lying back, overcoming local subsidence, falling by less resilient, or soft factors created. These improvements may include:

With the mattresses line linking heterogeneous as mattress springs: use spring better, more elastic, stronger frame structure  through welding technology, transplants; increase the density of springs; springs for use on bag to avoid collision noise; research recumbent on the mattress to partition and logical structure; change the springs horizontally without vertical, Increase the soft through using cotton lining pressed, higher mousse Density index (D = density / m3); using high-end fabrics, sewing quilting, sewing techniques, technicians. Or create replacement mattress style bed, which can be moved through the rollers or something like that.